It’s almost here; you can sense it in the air. As our upper lips dirty, we exude confidence at an equivalent rate. Ever since that time as 10-year olds when we were first truly creeped out, we have wondered, Will I ever be that creepy?
In less than a week, the annual month in which we can feel free to fulfill those dreams without ridicule, while enjoying College Basketball, will be upon us.

I implore you to use this blog to share your pleasures of participation, voices of support, and images of your imagination.


2 thoughts on “6 DAYS LEFT…..

  1. Finally, my favorite holdiay has arrived! I’m lookin forward to a good showing this year.Ladies: i’ve been conditioning my stache for 11 months now, and my confidence has never been higher. Who wants a moustache ride?!!


  2. I’m looking forward to some good ‘staches. I would love to see a Chicago chapter start up, but I don’t have a lot of street cred, since I can’t grow one myself.


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