It’s here. Finally.

Well, it was real difficult to stick it out over that damn leap day, but we made it. Congratulations all! And some of us had to even stick it out one more day, as we were yucking it up in NH woods. Nick, TJ, Chris–I don’t think we could have done that if we didn’t do it together.

So as The Month gains momentum, I have been getting pressure from the NJ Chapter to create some “rules” regarding this festive time. I have even been asked to create or provide some sort of “guidance document” for MMM. Does such a thing even exist? Should it?

Should there be rules? Is MMM competitive? Or is even the suggestion of such requisite criteria an “an affront to the sacred follicular bonds which form the foundation of MARCH MOUSTACHE MADNESS”?
Of this there is debate.

On the one hand, March is a month in which the greatest tournament in sporting competition is played, and thus not participating in competition with our ‘staches seems a little counterintuitive. On the other hand, some dudes (this guy) just cannot grow a competing ‘stache. Others say that the beauty of the ‘stache is in the eye of the beholder.

Let’s put it to the floor. What do y’all think? Should our festival of ‘stachitude be one of wager? Of strategy? Or should abide by the Constitution, and agree that all ‘staches are created equal?
Do comment. We here at ‘stache central want to hear your voice.