First Annual?

Announcing The March Moustache Madness Moustache Pageant (or, colloquially, “the ‘stache pag“).

To be held Saturday, March 29 at Flask Lounge on Spring St in Portland.

More details about the event to follow as they are worked out, but, for now, do know this:
Bean Sprouts is on the grow path. You have been warned.


4 thoughts on “First Annual?

  1. Noting an earlier post, how competitive is this ‘Stache Pag? Can we each represent a county? or Town?And who are the judges? Should we have a pre-Pag Judge Pag, where the top finishers will be the judges?


  2. I think it should be secret ballot, and there should be various categories, like a dog show.- Overall best stache/Best in Show- Best 7th grade drug dealer- Creepiest(Jody is the prohibitive favorite)- Most stylized (twils, ribbons, etc)- Fullest/Bushiest- Most resembling pubic hair- The clearcut (thinnest)And others we can think up


  3. I also thought of- Most colorful- The whiskey-dick division (for softest)- The Viagra division (for the stiffest/most bristly)I realize these last two would require some touching, but thats how we show love. And I think the humor value would far outweigh the creepiness.


  4. I volunteer the ladies of 151 North St – Sasha Northfield and Bubbles – as judges. We may take bribes. There should also be a category for best Wii Stache – king of wii bowling avec le stache.


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