‘Stache Support Group

So we recently had this awesome idea.

All of us deciding to sport the ‘stache need a place where we can go, be in each others’ company, and feel great about our ‘staches. We need a support group. A group of folks that can join and be merry and enjoy our collective ‘stacheness.

Part of the need for this group is that I need to know that we are all out there. I think we all need this void filled. Because, frankly, a lot of people are saying they are down with the cause, check the blog each day, and are working on their ‘staches. It is hard to believe this, though, when there are so few comments and such a small variety of posters. You know who you are, if I am speaking to you, because right now your conscience is digging away at you. Scott (Biddeford), Kevin (I saw a little dirt on your lip this morning), Garrett (I have heard but have not seen), Nick (dude…I live with you and you still haven’t posted anything), and there are so many others.

So I think a weekly support group would be perfect. What if we found a bar in town that would support our group, take us in with open arms, and welcome us with a drink special in exchange for our ‘stachiness? Plus, talk about a prime photo op’…

‘Stachmasters, please weigh in on this idea. Would you come out of the woodworks so we can support each other?


6 thoughts on “‘Stache Support Group

  1. Thursdays are excellent for me. I have several points of business to discuss. 1-I am thoroughly embarrassed by my lack of participation. 2. I need a support group from my wife as she has initiated hair growth warfare due to my stache.


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