Moustache Support Group

Yesterday, our moustaches found solace in the presence of other men with moustaches.

Over pulled pork sandwiches and strong ale at Beale St. Barbeque, the March Moustache Madness support group discussed and dealt with many issues and challenges in the life of the modern moustache man.

Some present agreed to observing an increase in nods from truckers recently; while others noted a sharp decrease in smiles from cute chicks at the gym. These can be tough times.

But, nestled in a “web of moustache safety” we prepared and improved our defenses against real world situations. For example, by horribly and loudly ridiculing and insulting each others’ faces at these group meetings, we are making ourselves stronger in advance of almost certain mustache-related encounters with significant others, co-workers, sports mascots, police.

Also on the agenda was a discussion of the upcoming Moustache Pageant. The group decided on four awards in the “competition” to be held March 29th.