Stache Pag

These categories were decided upon:

The Thigh Tickler. This award goes the most ornate moustache. This moustache pursues the sophisticated lady, because it knows how to treat her right.

The Uncle Rico. This award recognizes the effort of the guy who can’t grow a regular moustache. So pathetic, it’s almost endearing, if it wasn’t so damn creepy.

The Magnum P.I. An award for a full, handsome, integrated moustache. Magnums do it with style.

Best in Show. This guy can get fifty bucks a ride.

When considering the competition format, we asked ourselves, “Do we want to have a runway and contests and pageantry? Or do we just want to hang out with our moustaches and drink beer?”

The competition format decided upon is a bit of the first, and a lot of the second.

Competition Format:
A digital photo of each participant’s moustache region is loaded onto a computer onsite. Five judges will rank the top five moustaches in each category, with five points awarded for the highest ranking, four to the second highest and so on down to one for the fifth ranked moustache. Totals from all the judges will be tallied and the moustaches with the highest totals will be winners of their category.

Participants must arrive by 10 p.m. to be considered.

Trophies will be presented to all the winners. We discussed using a cover charge to defray the cost of the trophies.

Well, that’s that.
We need some moustache men to volunteer to make flyers about the stache pag. (The Moustache Pageant (the stash pag) is March 29th at Flask Lounge Spring St. in Portland. Arrive by 10 p.m. to enter. Maybe add the categories on the flyer too. And this web address. And a picture of a moustache.)


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  1. Hey gents, Tank from Moustache March here. Just want to say keep up the good work. Put a link to your site on ours. Check out our sweet pics, vids, music and gear.Rock the ‘Stache!


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