The Other Madness is soon underway

Find your favorite pen.

I am told “Bracketology” is a word given to the science of filling out your NCAA March Madness bracket. We believe that among your ‘stache’s special features is a positive interaction with college basketball, and throws the basic fundamentals of bracketology off its axis. Your ‘stache quietly calls to your hand; it guides your pen to the name of the winning team.
Some of the time.
Others, you refuse to listen.
This is a year for listening.

I saw that similarly recently recognized the moustache’s power to seep into the bloodstream of its wearer, and take adversity by storm:
“We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: College basketball knowledge is inversely proportional to bracket-picking proficiency . . . the way collegiate scoring touch is inversely proportional to the manly fullness of one’s ‘stache (see Morrison, Adam and Jordan, Michael).”

We hope you keep us posted of Your Bracket’s success via post or comment.
If we should do a ‘stache pool, to ensure that at least one guy with a ‘stache wins a pool, show by way of comment.
We have two days till Selection Sunday.