On that note…

This week’s ‘Stache Support Group will be held….

On Sunday night. There are some good NCAA games on, seems like a great time to support each other. It sounds like Aaron really needs it, since he missed the last one due to faulty cabbies getting in accidents when grooming skullets instead of focusing on roads. We’re there for you, man.

So Sunday night at 6. However, I believe it was gandolf who once noted, “A [‘stache] is never late. He shows up precisely when he intends to arrive.” Or something very similar to that.

Where? Good question. I am thinking nice TVs, tasty and cheap appetizers, with good beers on tap. And for God’s sake will one of these bars throw us a frickin’ bone, and give guys with a ‘stache a deal on beer?! Any ideas? Binga’s would be happy to have us, I am sure.

Hopefully Justin Ellis will show up with some other folks from around the ‘stache network.
The turnout is bound to be better than last time, though that was a great first session boys, as we got some major items on the agenda hammered out, including the basis of the ‘Stache Pag, which I know you are all looking very forward to.

Scott–haven’t heard from you in a while. How goes the Battle of Everhair? is it everywhere? Keep us posted on that…literally. wow, that was bad. give my ‘stache a little tug the next time you see me for that one.


4 thoughts on “On that note…

  1. What about Dock Fore, next to Rosie’s on Fore Street, I know they have some ridiculous special on beers, 1.95 for 20 ounce beers. It’s a regular thing, I’ll check if they have it on sundays. And they have nice big Tv’s too.


  2. Thats cool. I do love that place. Also, Binga’s said he could hook anyone with a stache up with a beer special. The only thing with Dockfore is they don’t sell food.


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