It’s January!

Which means March Moustache Madness is right around the corner.

This year’s Moustache Pageant (the Stash Padge) is going to be better than ever. Save the date, Saturday March 28th at 8 p.m. at Novare Res in Portland.


2 thoughts on “It’s January!

  1. Well put, Bean Sprouts, and thanks for making this site can all it can be . . . for under $50. I have been budding my stache for two months now, but hiding it from the ladyfriend–who happens to be quite unkind to the way of the stache. Ah, what pleasures the unemployed enjoy…
    I look forward to this year’s stache pag, and believe we soon ought to have a support group meeting. I know freemoustacherides is in!
    More to come.


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