An excerpt from turn of the century barber’s book

On the subject of beards and moustaches, Mr. Robinson went on to say; “A handsome man is hansomer with the proper style of beard, and homely or course features are softened by the wearing of some becoming whiskers, which detract from the coarseness of the features. A full beard when properly trimmed, becomes most every man, but when it does not grow full enough, or of any even thickness, it may be shaven in various styles. The short, broad face is improved by a chin beard, while a long, thin face is broadened and appears shorter by wearing side whiskers. A moustache shades off a large nose, also covers a homely mouth, bad teeth, and thick lips. The Imperial ( or goatee) is trying to certain types of faces, although it has been extensively worn and is still used by many.” The author also gives some advise on dressing a moustache: A moustache should always be dressed or rolled to give it a natural, easy appearance. When it is rolled on paper or curled with an iron or slate pencil, it should be combed out in an easy and natural way.

Fu Man Chooch