’tis March

Once again the calendar has struck March.

March is a time of flux: your left foot is in winter and your right foot is in spring. The wind is at your back and the sun is on your face. The ground thaws yet the snow still flies. Cabin fever grips your psyche, yet summer loving is nipping at your nose. It’s not really beard season, but you can’t go clean shaven because we still could get some significant weather.
This makes it the perfect time for growing moustaches …

But the modern moustache man can’t go it alone. That is why we have the Moustache Support Group – to provide a web of moustache safety. The moustache group does important things: like drink beer and eat cheese in the company of other men with moustaches.

Our first Moustache Support Group meeting is Thursday at 530 pm at Novare Res. Please come if you would like. We will have razors and combs available. And, as always, we will moustache experts on hand for those men growing staches for the first time. We can help you with those awkward stares from women who used to just smile at you (if she is staring at your stache, brother, you didn’t want her anyway), with the increase in nods from truckers (nod back, amigo) and we can prepare you for any relentless ribbing you may get from “the public” by insulting your facial hair even more vigorously then thought possible.

Hope to see you at Novare on Thursday evening men.
Yours in facial hair,
Bean Sprouts