Stache Pag – Evening Schedule

7 – 8:15pm: Contestants registration… in the green room at Empire. Registration is $15, which includes a Stache Pag T-shirt, beer in the green room until the parade.
Contestants, Don’t Forget to Come up with a Moustache Name that fits your ensemble!

8pm – doors for public. $10 donation for entry please, with all proceeds to benefit the Maine Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, a Portland-based
non-profit whose mission includes: “provid[ing] access to effective
legal counsel for artists and organizations with limited financial
resources”. Please visit for more information.

9 pm. Contestant parade…

910 pm. First round of judging begins with the Uncle Rico Category…
Each contestant will be introduced, with their moustache name called,
they will march onto the stage and then back into the staging area
(one guy every 5 seconds) where they will immediately walk down the
line of judges, who will be sitting in stools, with flashlights,
clipboards and rulers to get proper measurements…
After the last Rico is introduced, we announce “See you in a couple minutes for the Magnum PI’s”” and then the music comes back on loud, while the judges finish their judging.

920 pm – Magnum PI first round – see above. Simultaneously tabulate
totals for previous category.

930 pm Thigh Tickler first round – see above. Simultaneously tabulate
totals for previous category.

945ish – Show the trophies… Show the Shirts… Kill a little Time
until we can finish our math and announce the finalists…

955 – Announce Finalists based on judges totals.
1000 – Begin Finalist Competitions, starting with Uncle RIco Competitions –
“The Stache Strut” (when dudes walk onto the runway for a five second
expression session)
“Don’t F* with the Stache” (when dudes pound a drink of milk/beer and
yell “Don’t Fuck with The Stache”)
“Rapid Fire, Five Second Statue” (when every five seconds the music
changes and the dudes have to change into a new pose… this goes for
30 seconds)… At the end we bring out each contestant to be judged
with crowd applause…
1015 – Magnum PI Competitions – see above
1030 – Thigh TIckler Competitions – see above
1045 – Announce Winners/Award Trophies… Judges Selection saved for last…
1100 to close – DJ Graymatter and DJ Nicotine will be spinning dance beats to rock the staches all night long.