Inspect this please, will you, Detective?

Today we pay homage to a stache of great taste and greater intelligence: Hercule Poirot. Just look at him through the years as his moustache led him to the solution of so many crimes that stumped all the others. His stache sometimes took center stage as it morphed shape with time, but while his stache evolved, so did his maturity. He grew as a man. It has been said that his moustache is a microcosm of his entire life. No, it really hasn’t. But it is fun to think of captions. We welcome yours…

As a baby, he solved the elusive whodunnit: Who pooped in my diaper?
As a young detective, our hero realized how important eyebrows were in solving mysteries. "It's not all my stache," he concluded.
Mid-life crisis: "Maybe it really is all about my stache. Does it need more attention to be fully effective? Oh, what a crisis."
Self-acceptance: Hair or no hair, the ladies flock to the upper lip.
As the years got on, solving mysteries became mundane. He considered another phase of his career: creating mysteries. "I got the look of a cold-blooded killer. The mystery: Why would there be a candlestick in the conservatory if I didn't bring it in here to kill Professor Plum?"
Mouth: "I swear it wasn't me." Brain: "Damn, that was obviously me. Maybe if I just stand here in this toupée and weak-ass stache, they won't see me."
Back to his old self, our hero relishes in one of the most distinctive moustaches in recorded history.

Thanks to Agatha Christie, his likeness will live forever in the fast-turning off-white pages of novel ingenuity. Indeed, not a man of many smiles when asked to perform. I prefer to dream, however, about how much fun that stache had off-camera, and, er, outside the book. When it cut loose, imagine how loose it could cut. And how strong the scissors had to be…

Here’s to you, great stache of mystery. And one for my homies…


One thought on “Inspect this please, will you, Detective?

  1. WOOP! I love Poirot’s mustache, its absolutly amazing!!!
    He is the inspiration to my art project-his mustache! LOL! ~-~
    Agatha is an amazing auther, and I adore the books aswell as the TV shows-David Suchet is a brilliant actor!


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