Final Stache Pag Post

This time, it’s business.

Stache Pag is this Friday and here is some information you handsome moustache aficionados may find useful:

First off – Online Ticket Sales and Stache Registrations will close Thursday at midnight.

But don’t fret, tickets are available at the door too. Doors at 9. Show at 10.

For those who have already pre-paid, your name is on the will call list. Will Call is at the lower door at Bayside Bowl (the one closest to the parking lot). Show us your ID and you’re in! Remember, this is a 21+ event.

For those buying tickets at the door, please come to upper door (the one with steps). Tickets are $10 if you have a moustache (real or fake). Without a moustache, it’s $20. (Chillax: We will have fake moustaches on hand at the door for sale for $1.)

Remember, this event is a fundraiser for the Maine Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.

Thanks, also, to our sponsors and partners: Bayside Bowl, Urban Farm Fermentory, madworld designs, Eolian Energy, No Umbrella Media, PortSports.

Ok. More Info for Contestants:

A. Thanks to all of you have already registered.

B. That’s a beautiful piece of facial hair above your lip.

C. All categories are about half full with pre-registrants, but since space is forcing us to cap each category at 15, make sure you get there early enough to ensure your registration.

D. Contestant Private Party goes from 7 to 9. This is sponsored by the Urban Farm Fermentory. Contestants are welcome to bring a date to this, as long as the date has purchased a ticket (you can buy them at the door for $10). If you have pre-registered make sure you are there by 8:00. If you haven’t pre-registered, get there as close to 7 as you think is necessary to ensure your registration. Moustache men take risks.

E. Check out the rules… make sure you have put some thought into a moustache name (this is how we refer to you–or your moustache, if you’d like–during the Pag), and three keywords we can read as you strut onto the stage (an adjective, a verb or adverb, and a noun).

More stuff:

Bayside Bowl has delicious food. They will have a smaller, moustache-themed menu for the evening. We recommend arriving hungry!

While each contestant gets a Tshirt with registration, there will also be Tshirts available to the general public at the event. Sizes Youth L to Adult XXL.

Also, surely by now you have seen the Stache Pag posters around Portland. Local artist Johnathan Cook did an amazing job with these. Each one is printed using a 2-layer screen printing process, and then adorned with a unique moustache. On the night of the Pag you can call one of these local art posters yours. What you do with it, other than protect it with your stache (or life), is up to you. They will be $20 each and will likely sell quickly. Cash only, so bring an extra Jackson, and get in on this action.

That’s it.

See you in a couple days, you handsome, hairy souls.