How to start your day

Moustache May: 530 alarm by Flickr user "A National Acrobat:
No-fail recipe for how to start your best day:



2 other creative people. Both of these people should have, at some point in their life, had a moustache for an extended period of time.*

1 topic of conversation: Moustaches.


Mix above ingredients in a modestly sized local coffee shop garnished with leather couches, interesting clientele, and efficient, good-looking baristas. Bake at 420 for 1.25 hours.


A certain rush of importance, masculinity . . . profundity, even . . . will embrace and warm your day’s movements. Filled with creative visions, a thirst for celebration and big, hairy audacious goals (BHAGs, for those with blending skills beyond your razor), you will see things you never have before; at least, not like that. You will love the people around you even more, because you realize something today: they need you. And they need your moustache.


You will give others the benefit of the doubt, and you will forgive minor inconveniences (5 minutes here, 2 hours over the past two weeks). You will recall the beauty in the world, even when chunks of ice are pelting your office window. Continuously.


You will give thanks today. Thanks for great, local coffee. Thanks for people who could care less about what’s happening on Wall Street, or even the next coffee shop. Thanks for the ability to wear confidence and authority on your face. Thanks for those chunks of ice. Thanks. For moustaches.


Happy Manuary.
As an added bonus, here is most-viewed video on YouTube with the tag “moustache.” It sure got us excited:



*For best results, one of these stallions must currently have an upper lip artfully graced with thick, shaped, ne’er forgotten man-fur.


Leave us a comment: how did you start your day? was a moustache involved?