Movember is gone, but Moustache March is upon us.

I have no idea what day it is, but Moustache March must be looming.

My moustache hurts. Or is it a tingle? What could that mean this time?

In the past, it has meant that weather is coming. However, I checked it out, and it looks pretty good for the next few days. Plus, that was more pain than tingle.

Moustache march is coming
Like Phil Collins, I can feel it coming in the air tonight.

One time that feeling was a clear indication that we were going into a recession; this time, could it mean that we’re on our way out? Hmm . . . seems to disagree with my 8 Ball (Stache vs. 8 Ball is for another day). Also, again, that was more like butterflies in my moustache than a tingle. This is definitely a tingle.

No, the type of tingling it has right now feels sexy. It’s the tingle of restless anticipation, furry foreplay.

Ah, yes! I know the exact feeling; I know what my stache-y sense is telling me.

I will give you a hint…

Movember is now a healthy distance in our rearview, a tease it was . . .

Winter thickens . . .

The season of cabin fever and hunkering down has reached its maturity, and slowly declines . . .

It’s getting closer, that time of the year of moustache greatness. The ceremonious event at which the manly faces of the world embrace a judgment-free awareness the power and beauty of their stache is a mere distance away. We shall collectively pay homage to the man of the stache… at The Stache Pag.

The stache has an unrivaled mystique, a unique ability to disguise the youth, professionalize the esteemed, and embarrass the meek. (tweet this!) A versatile existence and morphability, the moustache is serious. It means business. Like any love, it is a commitment and it requires your attention. However, does that mean that it is not entitled to laughter and a light heart as well? Nay, we say. Not in Portland (the Original Portland; the one after which that city on the west coast was named).
Here, the moustache is expected to have fun. Serious fun.
In Portland, Maine, a moustache culture and the warm community around it has been growing for many years. I’m not talking about the mere existence of men wearing moustaches. That’s been going on since the invention of the sharp edge. Nay, I speak of true moustache lifestyle, a banding of brotherhood, a bona fide celebration and meaningful discourse over efficient facial hair.
The Stache Pag, a magnificent moustache pageant, is an annual tribute to the end of winter, the Month of March, and the pride of the stache. Three hundred people suit up, throw down and fill their gullets in joyful celebration. They come to cheer on the 40+ Men of the Stache who devote their night to being famous in any way they’d like.
Unadulterated, uncensored and uncaged, these stache men make their presence known, demanding the respect of any and all.
In this, The Stache Pag’s mighty fifth year (a moustache milestone), there is a thirst for more. More commitment, more glory, more stache. We present the first annual International Moustache Film Festival. I now dare not say more, but implore you to stay tuned.
That’s it! The tingle! Like the first sext message you receive from that cute girl two cubicles down.
She digs the stache, man. Or maybe she just digs the Stache Man. Does it matter? See you in March. See you in Maine.
What does your moustache tell you?
It’s something different for everyone…
For wondering posers, here is an international moustache video exploring what a stache feels like.
Comment to share your stache spirit. Grow moustache. Grow.