Take a bus, take a train, take a plane: Grow your stache and get to Maine.

Yes, it’s finally March, thankfully. Took long enough. We’ve been waiting all year for this month.

While you’re here in Portland, Maine, on March 30-31 for the Moustache Festivities, it’s important to us that you find your way around.

Our airport is PWM

To get downtown from the airport, grab a cab, or drop us a Tweet to see if we are available to pick you up.

Our train access is through the Amtrak Downeaster

Here is a link to the schedules and fares for the train from Boston.

To get downtown from the train station, grab a cab, or drop us a Tweet to see if we are available to pick you up.

Where to Stay

Click this link to find some hotels in the Portland area.

If you operate a hotel, and want your link here, click here.

Once you make it to Portland, you’ll find our downtown area is incredibly walkable.

Plus, people are nice, so you can usually just hop in the back of an open truckbed or grab the back of delivery truck if your lazy and courageous. The Stache Pag is Friday night and is right downtown at Port City Music Hall. It’s the one with the huge lit up marquee sign. The only excuse for missing it is that your moustache is so big an bushy that it covers your eyes (and in that case you have a great shot at actually winning the Pag).

The Stache FIlm Fest is on Saturday, and that’s not walkable from Downtown.

How to get from downtown to the film fest venue.

If you don’t have a car:

Take the bus. Here is the bus schedule for Bus 6.

Portland metro: BUS 6
Route 6 - North Deering http://bit.ly/zmNg3S

The 6 is the only route that goes to North Deering part of Portland, which is where the Grange Hall is. Here are a few tips about the Portland bus system:

Tip 1: different bus stops from downtown service different routes.

Pay attention and make sure you are at the right stop for the 6. people are friendly. if they are waiting at a bus stop, the chances are that they know everything there is to know about the bus system, so ask them if you are at the right stop for the 6.

Tip 2: tell the driver your destination.

When you get on the bus and pay your toll of $1.50, politely inform the friendly driver that you are heading to the grange Hall in North Deering, and that you don’t know when to pull the chain. They will make sure you get off at the correct stop.

If you do have a car:

Click here for the directions from Port City Music Hall to the Deering Grange Hall. The grange Hall looks like this:

Deering Grange Hall
Deering Grange Hall

It lives at the corner of Washington Avenue and Cypress St. in Portland.


Finally, to get a taxicab, use one of these local taxi services.

If you run a taxi service, and want your link here, click here.


We look forward to seeing you in Portland, ME! If you have any questions, leave a comment.