Featured sponsor: Mr. Natty

We’ve been using Twitter a little more lately. We love it, mostly for laughs. Just get on there and search for “mustache OR moustache” and read. Some good, some bad, some downright disturbing. But all human (well, at least the utterings).

However, Twitter also been a worthy channel of communication with our supporters. Supporters have come in all shapes and sizes, and, since the launch of the #StacheFilmFest, from all over the world. Some weeks ago, we began communicating with one of our early followers, @MrNatty.

Mr. Natty is a self-proclaimed “bloody good barber” from across the Atlantic, who also sells an incredible array of products. With both his grooming skills and a wide variety of grooming and preparation products, Mr. Natty keeps his customers happy. And he does it on the web, as well. On his blog, Mr. Natty features compelling imagery and occasional chronicles of his adventures in England and Europe.

Mr. Natty Frank's Beard Elixir

Apparently, according to our friends at More & Co., who met Mr. Natty in an airport recently, “he’s a bit of a celebrity.” Even without knowing that, we are honored to have Mr. Natty as our first ever international sponsor of the Pag and Film Fest. We are psyched to try his products, as well.

And while Mr. Natty sends his regards (he isn’t able to make the Pag this year all the way from England), we hope he will give it a shot next year. Check him out on his blog and on Twitter, and most importantly, give his products a try! Here is a link to Mr. Natty as featured in magazines and other great press for his fine work!

Cheers, Mr. Natty, here is to you, and we are pleased to have you aboard Maine’s little moustache train!

A quote from the man himself: “TWIZZLE THAT TOP LIP PRIVET DOINGS CHAPS”


Twizzle … Twist and shape
Top lip privet … Moustache
Doings…. The Moustache itself
Chaps …gents
Cheers, Mr. Natty!

If you know Mr. Natty, or have questions for him, please leave a comment. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you; I know we would.

See you at the Pag. Oh, and don’t forget that tickets are on sale now. VIP — the real deal — is only $20.