Featured sponsor: Baxter Brewing

This company opened a can of whoop-ass on other craft brews sometime last year when they created a company focused on creating heady brew…wait for it…exclusively in a can.


That’s right! No more settling for amateur beer at the beach, at festies, or anywhere else bottles are more dangerous than a rabid squirrel. They do kegs too, but seriously, isn’t a keg just a huge can? It is.

No Umbrella and the Stache Pag visited Baxter’s domain recently and had a blast. Their brewers are not only talented and good-looking, but they are funny too. Check out the video and make your way to Baxter’s website. Once convinced, make your way to a New England store and pick yourself up a sixer.

Cheers to Baxter Brewing, supporter (and sporter!) of the Stache since 2012!!


2 thoughts on “Featured sponsor: Baxter Brewing

  1. Where is the best place to get stache wax in town? I’m going to try and make it if I finish defending my thesis in time 🙂


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