Cash And Stache: Some poker players who rock awesome staches

Cash And Stache: Some poker players who rock awesome staches

There are basically three types of disguise every poker player should have: a cap, a pair of sunglasses, and of course, a nicely trimmed moustache—and it’s not just some mumbo-jumbo pseudoscience that makes players wear these concealers. For starters, micro-expressions are the most treacherous enemies of poker players. A simple eye twitch or an eyebrow raise says a lot of things about you round a poker table. To hide how seriously screwed-up their hand is, players don polarized glasses and caps that can cover their face up to their eyes. Meanwhile, a moustache can conceal a smile or pout if big enough, which comes in handy for poker players who want to become the poster boy for ironclad faces. If you want to see the pseudo-correlation between sporting a great tache and making it big in poker, here are a few players who are also known for their elegant moustache.

Chris Moneymaker

Classy down below
Every poker player now must’ve heard Chris Moneymaker’s name, one way or another. The famous card shark, who became prominent due to his rise from the depths of online poker, keeps it clean and dandy with a trim goatee. He sometimes shaves the tache off every now and then, but his beard is as permanent as his status as a poker player who revolutionized how pros can enter the big leagues.

Wild Bill Hickok

Goin’ out west
Long before poker became a common game in the oasis that’s now Las Vegas, poker games were played in the saloons of the Wild West. Among those who made it big long before the first ever Bet Fair-sponsored World Series of Poker became a prominent event was Wild Bill Hickok. A lawman, gunfighter, and gambler rolled into one awesome package, Hickok is just one of the many gunslingers who sports a handlebar mustache. However, what made Wild Bill a legend in the Old West is his adventures and his unusual fortune in poker. He might be fortunate when it comes to cards, but it seems like his life ended when he met a disgruntled player he defeated and then shot him, killing him—while holding a pair of aces.

Chris Ferguson

Jacks and Jesus
Dave Grohl, Brad Pitt, Jim Caviezel, Chad Kroeger (to some extent, so don’t cast a stone on us, okay?) are just some of the guys who went through a Jesus phase—long, flowing mane coupled with a full unkempt beard. However, there is only one person on the professional poker circuit worthy enough to receive the nickname “Jesus”, both because of his facial hair and ability to make miracles happen; although those miracles are only limited to squirming out of a bad hand. Chris Ferguson, a five-time WSOP bracelet winner, always appears at games with a cowboy hat, a pair of heavily tinted glasses, and of course, his signature beard. Although it makes him look more like a cousin of Chuck Norris, his miraculous gameplay leant to his moniker, Jesus. Just don’ expect him to turn water into wine, though.