2017 Rules/Register

First, congratulations! You have just taken an important step toward elevating your manliness to epic proportions: you, friend, are now on the path toward becoming a contestant at the 2017 Stache Pag, March 24, 2017 at HOME – Portland House of Music and Events.

The Stache Pag is proudly sponsored by Traveler Beer Company


Registration is Open

Here is what you are getting yourself into and what to expect.

Registration Fee includes:
>entry into the pageant and contestant Green Room with all kinds of goodies included that we should probably not post on the internet

Some Info on What to Expect from the Pag

Register At Eventbrite by Clicking on Tickets then Contestant:
Because there is a limit of 15 contestants, we strongly encourage you to pre-register

The Stache Pag competition itself will begin at 9:00 pm Sharp.
Each contestant, in numerical order, will strut his stuff on the catwalk while the host announces his name and a few observations. You get five seconds and some funky music to work with. Do it!

At the close of the first round, the competition will move into the talent portion of the program.

Talent Portion of the Program…
…Has these three parts:
A. Facial Hair-aoke
B. Stache Pag Kung Fu Challenge
C. Rapid Fire 5-second statue

After the talent our esteemed judges will present five awards:

The Burgundy – Best Natural Moustache, no beard.
1899 Maine Legislature – Best Styled Moustache, no beard.
The Castaway – Best Full Beard Natural.
The Thigh Tickler – Best Freestyle Facial Hair, anything goes.
Mr. Stache Pag- Best in Show

Register At Eventbrite by Clicking on Tickets then Contestant

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After you Register we will send you an email with more info!