So what is the Stache Pag anyway? Well, for one thing, Stache Pag is short for Moustache Pageant, so the “g” is soft.

Other than that, it is, loosely, one hell of a party . . . that celebrates creative facial hair. The emphasis here has been on the word “loose”. Have a look at some of the photos from Pag’s of years past (2008, 2009, 2010), or the photos on our facebook group, the popularity of which is growing at an alarming rate.

Here is some history: we started this event in 2008 on a whim. We took hold of the notion of “March Madness”, and incorporated the moustache–March Moustache Madness. Then, we thought (this is us thinking now, but I use quotes to note our precise thoughts):

Stachetag: “Man, wouldn’t it be friggin’ awesome to have a moustache competition here in Portland.”
Bean Sprouts: “Yes, it would. A moustache pageant, if you will.”
Stachetag: “Yes, I will. A Stache Pag!”
Together: “HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

So these telepathic musings led to actually talking about the event. A principal notion of the event was to move it to a different venue each year. Year one we picked on the Flask Lounge. Packed the place, 35 contestants, couldn’t walk without spilling your drink. No nudity, though.

Year two it was Novare Res. Loudest place I think I’ve ever been (except for the grand re-opening of the State Theater with My Morning Jacket . . . that actually hurt). Christ, I had to leave due to the ringing in my ears. 44 contestants. Again, you could NOT move in that place. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear it hasn’t been that full since. Still, no nudity.

Year three, we knew we had to step it up. To the Empire Dine and Dance we took the show, and what a show it was! 66 contestants, 314 paid spectators, holy shitballs! The Green Room was hopping, the yeast-flavored soda was flowing, and the crowd was intense. Fully. We hired a camera crew, we sold t-shirts, we gave the contestants their own “row”. There was blood (that guy got kicked out), sweat (everywhere!) and tears (dude, it’s cool, I thought you should have won too, but you could be this year’s winner!). But still, most clothes remained in tact.

In 2011, we took over Portland’s newest favorite bar: Bayside Bowl. What’s great about Bayside is that many of the bartenders and staff already have a rich history of being stachetastic in their own way. To learn more about that, go to Bayside Bowl, pull up a pint, and engage one of these fine gentleman and ask them about their relationship with the moustache.

We hope you’ll join us at this year’s Stache Pag on March 30, 2012 at Port City Music Hall to make it the furriest celebration of them all! Cheers.



One thought on “About

  1. Good day:

    Everything sounds excellent, attention to detail, past exploits, lots of music and mayhem.

    Can I enter your contest and participate in the days events?

    Mustash is mature, just waiting for the party. (It almost seems like halloween but Spring is in the air, so its a whole new gig…

    Look forward to your reply! Sincerely yours, Jonathan

    ps. I used to have a beard, but them I have worked on the Maine Dance License Permit and further, the coveted Liquor License for the Slow Bell Cafe on Chebeague Island Summer 2011. I lost the beard in celebration of the Liquor License, but the Mustash remains a party favorite. Please consider me an applicant for the mustash competition. Many days at sea, and a strong will have made it so..

    Look forward to your reply! Cheers!! 207-329-9296


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