March 18, 2016 at the Portland House of Music

Part Talent Show, Part Costume Contest, Part Facial Hair Competition!
It’s the 2016 Stache Pag, March 18, 2016 at HOME – Portland House of Music and Events.

This year’s Stache Pag is sponsored by the Traveler Beer Company.


Stache Bomb Stache Wax.

Presented by Traveler Beer Company and sponsored by Stache Bomb Stache Wax

Tickets: $10 ADV / $15 Day of

What’s the Stache Pag?
At the Stache Pag (Mainer for “Moustache Pageant”), mustachioed Men (and facial hair-clad women!) enter in one of four categories:

The Burgundy – Natural Moustache, no beard.
1899 Maine Legislature – Styled Moustache, no beard. Wax, dyes and other aids are allowed.
The Castaway – Full Beard Natural.
The Thigh Tickler – Freestyle Facial Hair, anything goes.

The Stache Pag competition itself will begin at 9:00 pm Sharp.
Starting with The Burgundy category, each contestant, in numerical order, will strut his stuff on the catwalk while the host announces his name and a few observations.
Each contestant gets ten seconds and some funky music to work with…. This is unrehearsed and can get a little wild!

Be sure to cheer loudly because the crowd applause level is what decides the finalists for each category!

At the close of the first round, three finalists from each category will compete in the three competitions of the Finals!
A. Rapid Fire 5-second statue
B. Facial Hair-aoke
C. Don’t F*ck with the Stache

After the finals, the panel of esteemed judges will announce the winners of each category plus Best In Show.

Trophies this year courtesy of Markus Steelgrave.

After the Pag (beginning at about 11pm) it’s a dance party with Dj Tim spinning 4 x 4 Disco House Funk and other music to inspire conception.

Tickets at:

Want to Enter your Stache?