2011 Poster
Local artist Johnathan Cook did an amazing job with these. Each one is printed using a 2-layer screen printing process, and then adorned with a unique moustache.

Purchase 2011 Stache Pag Poster
Stache Pag Poster Print by Johnathan Cook $19.99

2011 Shirt

Purchase 2011 Stache Pag Shirt Here
Youth L $7.99
Medium $7.99
Large $7.99
XL $7.99
XXL $7.99
Youth L $7.99

2010 Shirt

Purchase 2010 Stache Pag Shirt Here
Small $7.99
Medium $7.99
Large $7.99

2011 Stache Pag – Photos by Samuel Cousins
2010 Stache Pag – Photos by Jess LeClair
2009 Stache Pag – Photos By Jess LeClair


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