Past Hosts

2011 – Bayside Bowl

The most prolific Pag to date was held in a bowling alley . . . the best damn bowling alley a stache ever knew! Beer flowed like wine, and women were everywhere. A cheer-off broke a tie to determine the winner, but in the end, the score was fun to fun.

Photos and blog posts from 2011

2010 – Empire Dine and Dance

We stepped up the venue size in 2010, and filled it right up. There was blood, sweat, and . . . beers. I think there were tears too, when one contestant thought he had is synched, but lost in the cheer-off. The first time we ever had a “real” stage at our disposal, the contestants did not disappoint. The report from downstairs: “I’ve worked here a long time, and we’ve had a lot of bands come through here. Tonight was the loudest this place has ever been.” Stache pride (speaking of tears…).

Photos and blog posts from 2010

2009 – Novare Res

This was the year we really knew we had something. I think a word can sum up the experience for me: deafening. With the most contestants ever (over 60!), and some aggressively thorough judges, the place was overcrowded and all the better for it. We knew we had to grow.

Photos and blog posts from 2009

2008 – Flask

Our inaugural year featured a relatively tiny bar on the West End of Portland. The mood was perfect, the lighting was just right, and the wine . . . was delicious. Using a thrown-together PA system, and stools as soapboxes, this event had all the pieces of an experiment in facial hair. A damn successful one! The Flask is where the magic of the Stache Pag first came to life.

Photos and blog posts from 2008


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