One more step. Fill out this form.

Thanks for paying. You are almost an official contestant for the 2012 Stache Pag.
There is just one more step: filling out this online form below.
(This is important because it will save you time – allowing you to spend more time kicking ass at life. Plus it will help us be more organized. It has questions about which category you want to register in (see the rules above), what your moustache name is and other vital information. Fill it out, please.)

Stache Pag this year is being held at Port City Music Hall March 30, 2012.

At 7 pm, Port City will open for a private Stache Pag pregame party for a group of heroic sex machines known as the 2012 Stache Pag contestants (that’s you, Rico Sauve).

For the next two hours, these men will marinate in the company of fellow moustache men.

We can guarantee there will be no person present thinking foul thoughts of moustaches. Such charlatans of style and body maintenance – viewing moustaches as unkempt, un-professional or sketchy – are banned from the building on this evening.

Registration includes:
>entry into the pageant
>invitation to private party (7 to 9pm) with all kinds of goodies included that we should probably not post on the internet
>2012 stache pag t-shirt

Some Info on What to Expect from the Pag
The Stache Pag competition itself will begin at 10pm, starting with the traditional Moustache Parade.
Then we will begin with the first round.
Starting with the Uncle Rico category, we will read each contestant’s moustache name and the three keywords supplied, he will walk out to the front of the stage. We give you three seconds and some funky music to work with. Do it!

Then we will work through Magnum PI, The 1899 Maine Legislature and Thigh Tickler categories, in that order.

At the close of the first round, we will announce the three finalists for each category, selected by the judges (for more info on judging criteria click on The Rules above).

In the finals there will be three competitions:

  • “Don’t Fuck With the Stache”
  • “5 Second Rapid Fire Statue”
  • “The Moustache Closeup”

Crowd applause decides the winner of each category. There will also be a special Judges Selection award.

Thanks for your moustache. It’s a beautiful contribution to an evil world.


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