2016 Rules/Register

First, congratulations! You have just taken an important step toward elevating your manliness to epic proportions: you, friend, are now on the path toward becoming a contestant at the 2016 Stache Pag, March 18, 2016 at HOME – Portland House of Music and Events.


Registration is Open

Here is what you are getting yourself into and what to expect.

Registration Fee includes:
>entry into the pageant and Contestant Green Room with all kinds of goodies included that we should probably not post on the internet

Some Info on What to Expect from the Pag

Enter in one of four Categories:
Because there is a limit of 15 in each category, we strongly encourage you to pre-register

The Burgundy – Natural Moustache, no beard.
1899 Maine Legislature – Styled Moustache, no beard. Wax, dyes and other aids are allowed.
The Castaway – Full Beard Natural.
The Thigh Tickler – Freestyle Facial Hair, anything goes.

The Stache Pag competition itself will begin at 9:00 pm Sharp.
Starting with The Burgundy category, each contestant, in numerical order, will strut his stuff on the catwalk while the host announces his name and a few observations. You get five seconds and some funky music to work with. Do it!

Then, the catwalk will feature The 1899 Maine Legislature, Castaway and Thigh Tickler categories, in that order.

At the close of the first round, the three finalists for each category will be announced.

The finals will have these three parts:
A. Facial Hair-aoke
B. Don’t F*ck with the Stache
C. Rapid Fire 5-second statue

Register Here

Register Here
Contestant $25.00 USD
Real name
Stache name


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